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Lookups for Albany

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Birth Records Death Records
Marriage Records Obtaining Copies

The following surnames are from copies of actual birth, death, and marriage registers
I obtained from the Town Clerk of Albany for years of interest to me.
If an event is not listed below, I don't have it.
If you would like details on any of the following births,
please e-mail me at,
specifying which year, and allowing a week for a reply.
For records not listed here or for copies of these records,
contact the Albany Town Clerk or the Vermont Department of Health

Birth Records

All Hyde births in Albany from 1827 through 1852.

All Chafey births in Albany from 1834 through 1846.

1872: Aiken, Brooks, Calderwood, Canmut?, Chafey, Cowles, Darling,
Doying, Duckles, Eldridge, George, Goss, Lounge, Miles, Reynolds,
Rogers, Scott, Skinner, Story, Vance, Walker, Wallace, Williams, Wilcox.

1874 (not a complete listing for that year): Anderson, Blanchard,
Brooks, Cheney, Clough, Dingman, Doying, Duckles, Glynn, Goss,
Guire, Hayden, Hughes, Hunter, Hyde, Johnson, Keith, McClary,
Miles, Page, Riley, Robbins, Sangrau, Spaulding, Tatro, Thurston.

1876 (not a complete listing for that year): Bowen, Brown, Carter,
Cheney, Eldridge, George, Graham, Graves, Greaves, Hamilton,
Horan, Hughes, Hyde, Keith, Larkin, Lawrence, McClary, Murdock,
Page, Riley, Rich, Sangrau, Shedd, Shute, Taylor, Thompson,
Willis, Wills.

1877 (not a complete listing for that year): Armstrong, Bagley,
Batchelder, Bennett, Brockway, Brooks, Chaffee, Cochran, Cowles,
Daniels, Duckles, Glynn, Grant, Hovey, Hyde, Johnson, Kidder,
Laupher, Martin, Maxfield, McCaffrey, McGuire, Orne, Pierce,
Robbins, Rowell, Russell, Ryan, Shoff, Shute, Skinner, Stone,
Walker, Williams, Willis, Wills.

1879: Branon, Bridges, Brooks, Chaffee, Crowley, Clough, Darling,
Dewey, Duckles, Eldridge, Foster, Gates, Hammett, Hawkins,
Hyde, Jenks, Johnson, Marlow, Maynard, McCaffrey, Murray?,
Murphy, Robbins, Ryan, Sinon, Skinner, Stewart, Sweat.

1880 (not a complete listing for that year): Aiken, Anderson, Annis,
Bliss, Bowen, Burke, Chase, Clark, Dority, Durkin, Edson, Farr, Field,
George, Goorow/Gonrow?, Hitchcock, Hood, Horan, Hunter, Hyde,
Jones, Keiser, Keith, Larabee, Laupher, McGuire, McLaughlin,
Richardson, Ruin, Shute, Simino, Stone, Swette?, Tatro, Willis, Young.

1881 (not a complete listing for that year): Ainsboro, Allen, Annis,
Bagley, Bailey, Bennett, Brannon, Brooks, Chaffee, Clark, Clough,
Comstock, Coonerty, Crowley, Davis, Dow, Duckles, Gates, Holbrook,
Hughes, Loveland, Lower, Martin, McCaffrey, Metcalf, Miles, Orne,
Riley, Rogers, Rowell, Ryan, Tenney, Tinker, Wilcox, Williams, Wills.

1883 (not a complete listing for that year): Anderson, Barney,
Bowman, Bumps, Brown, Cass, Chaffee, Currier, Eldridge, Foster,
Gales, Hadley, Harvey, Heath, Hughes, Hunter, Hyde, Leach, Leclair,
Lemire, Marckres, Norcross, Parquel?, Rodgers, Shute, Silver,
Tenney, Towne, Wallace, Way, Wells, Wheeler, Willis, Young.

1884: Bayley, Brooks, Campbell, Clark, Cutler, Duckles, Hood,
Hovey, Hughes, Jackson, Laupher, McCaffrey, Munson, Pocket,
Ryan, Shepard, Shute, Young.

1887 (not a complete listing for that year): Ames/Annis?, Bowman,
Burbank, Burke, Clark, Coonerty, Davis, Dow, Duckles, Fairman,
George, Hinds, Hovey, Huntington, Huse, Kimball, Lounge,
Magoon, Martin, McCaffrey, Paquet, Rogers, Ruan, Tenney,
Thompson, Whittemore, Young.

1896: Aiken, Annis, Brown, Bumps, Call, Chaffee, Dow, Connel,
Duckles, Durkin, Eastman, Fisher, Gallagher, Gele, Grant, Griegs,
Harlow, Hurst, Hyde, Keith, Kilgallen, Lafleur, Larrabee, Lunge,
Martin, Metcalf, Pierce, Ryan, Peters, Quinn, Reynolds, Rowell,
Schoolcraft, Stapleton, Stoodley, Thorpe, Tuthill, Walker, Waters,
Willis, Wood, Vance.

1897: Anderson, Campbell, Chaffee, Coapland, Duckles, Govro,
Griggs, Keniston, King, Harvey, Hughes, Lafleur, Moore, Potter,
Priest, Sanders, Searls, Sinon, Stone, Stowell, Tenney, Thoorp,
Watson, Wills.

1900: Ainsboro/Ausboro, Annis, Cutler, Doneghy, Duckles, Foss,
Govreau, Griggs, Hunter, Kelley, Kilgallen, Morley, Peters, Priest,
Rood, Rowell, Searls, Sinon, Stone.

1901: Barrett, Beede, Bickford, Bumps, Chaplin, Duckles, Farr,
Gilman, Greenwood, Hogan, Hyde, Kenan, Lafleur, Martin, McArthur,
Morley, Moulton, Munson, Pierce, Rivers, Ross, Rowell, Sanborn,
Stafford, Thayer, Tuthill, Vance, Walker, Willis, Wills, Wright.

Marriage Records

1872: Annis, Brooks, Dewey, Dow, Eldridge, George, Gollier, Good,
Johnson, Johnston, Miles, Morse, Norris, Robbins.

Death Records

1877: Babcock, Blaisdell, Brown, Bullard, Coolidge, Downing, Eldy?,
Gates, George, Glynn, Hodge, Hunter, Hyde, Jenness, Laclair,
Merrill, Miles, Murphy, Reiley, Rowell, Ruan, Tinker,
Watson, Way.

1880: Aiken, Amidon, Beede, Bill, Bothwell, Brooks, Bullard, Burbank,
Clough, Coburn, Colburn, Coolidge, Delano, Duckles, Grant, Hogan,
Jones, Jordon, Lawrence, Miles, Newman, Phelps, Randall, Shepard,
Ward, Willis.

1882: Annis, Bill, Blodgett, Bridges, Brooks, Chafey, Chaffee,
Chamberlin, Clark, Colt, Comstock, Dewey, Dow, Duckles, Evans,
Fitz, Fletcher, Hood, Howard, Hoyt, Hunter, Keath, Kendall, Marckres,
Paine, Richardson, Riordan, Rogers, Ruan, Russell, Sinon, Smith,
Spalding, Stratton, Sweat, Taylor, Vance, Woods.

1887 (not a complete listing for that year): Abbott, Bailey, Burbank,
Dingman, Draper, Emery, Flanders, Garvin, George, Glynn, Hyde,
Jenness, Johnson, Martin, McLaughlin, Mills, Norway, Paine, Reiley,
Rowell, Ruan, Sias, Watson.

1897: Anderson, Bosworth, Bramble, Brown, Chaffee, Clark, Dow, Duckles,
Grant, Heath, McLellan, Moore, Potter, Rogers, Rowell, Shepard, Vance.

Census Records


Obtaining Copies of Records in Albany

The surnames above are from copies of the actual birth, death, and marriage
registers I obtained from the Town Clerk of Albany for years of interest to me.
If the event is not listed above, I don't have it.
If you would like
details on any of these births, deaths, or marriages,
please e-mail me at,
specifying which year, and allowing a week for a reply.

For records not listed here or for copies of these records,
contact the Town Clerk or the Vermont Department of Health

The Town Clerk of Albany can provide copies of all the local birth,
marriage, death, and land records that exist. I heard from one researcher
that wills sometimes are mixed in with land records in some Vermont towns.

Contact Debra Ann Geoffroy, Town Clerk and Treasurer,
Town of Albany, P.O. Box 284, Albany VT 05820-0284.
Her telephone is 802-755-6100; her e-mail is
The office is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 4 pm
and Wednesdays from 9 am to 7 pm (as of June 2000).

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