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The Duckles(s) Family of
Albany, Orleans County, Vermont

Introduction Possible Surname History
Spelling Variations Duckles Family History
Duckles Black Sheep Surnames in My Tree

My name is Vicki, and I often wondered why I was blessed
with the unusual surname of Duckless. Before the name was
recorded in 1913 birth records in Albany, Vermont, it usually
was spelled Duckles, although I have seen more than 12 variations.

Possible Surname History

My goals are to prove or disprove both the geographic origin
and the meaning of this surname. In my quest, I have heard
three stories from others with the surname Duckles:

The surname is the Anglicized version of Douglass of Scotland.
(From a Duckles woman in England.)
The surname is the Anglicized version of DuCles or Duclos
of France, traveling over with the Normans.

(From a Duckles man in the United States.)
The surname is the Anglicized version of Dueckel of Westphalia,
Germany, traveling first to the Netherlands and then,
in the 1600s, to England.

(From two Duckles men in England.)

Spelling Variations

Duccles, Duckell, Duckels, Duckill, Ducklas, Duckle, Duckles,
Duckless, Ducklus, Duckyll, Ducles, Dukel.

Duckles Family History

The earliest Duckles record I have found to date is for "Wm Duckle,
son of Richard Duckle, baptized April 1601" in Messingham,
Lincolnshire, England.

If you are connected to the Duckles family,
please contact me at

Duckles Black Sheep


Surnames in the Duckles(s) Family Tree

In New England, UNITED STATES:
Aldrich, Anderson, Annis, Barber, Barr, Basford, Bean, Berry,
Bickford, Biggs, Bissonnette, Bosely/Beausoleil, Boutwell,
Brooks, Butler, Call, Chamberlin, Connal/McConnell, Drew,
Chauvin/Shover, Cook, Day, Drew, Drown, Dunn, Duckles(s), Fellows, Fisher,
Flagg, Flanders, Gilman, Godin, Griggs, Hall, Hotchkiss, Hyde,
LaFountain, LaPier, Larabee, Lee, Lees, McConnell/Connal,
McGinnis, Nadeau, Norcross, Parker, Partridge, Phillips, Pierce,
Porter, Saint Louis, Seymour, Shover/Chauvin, Spencer,
Stebbins, Strickland, Willard, Willey, Willis, Woodman.

In Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire, ENGLAND:
Barker, Cobb, Duckles, Flanders, Fretwell, Hyde.

In Suffolk, ENGLAND:

In Quebec and Ontario, CANADA:
Bickford, Brooks, Butler, Chauvin/Shover, Duckles, Kirkland,
Pickel/Pickle, Scovill, Smith, Thompson.


In Tasmania and Victoria, AUSTRALIA:
Duckles, Hart.

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