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First Known Generation:

*Anthony Duckles, who died in Adlingfleet in 1697.


Second Generation:


  1)   Jane Duckles, who married John Cooke in Adlingfleet in 1691.


*2)   Joshua, a yeoman.  He married first Ursula JAQUES June 29, 1698, in Adlingfleet.  She died a few months before their 15th anniversary.  Together, they had two sons and a daughter.  Two years later after Ursula's death, he married Abigail THOMPSON.  They, too, had two sons and a daughter together.  Abigail died in 1728.  Joshua died six years later in 1734.


Third Generation:


 1)    Anthony Duckles, baptized May 28, 1699, was a farmer.  He married Mary LACY on May 18, 1732, in Adlingfleet.  Mary was from Eastoft.  Two years after Anthony's death, which occurred circa April 2, 1745, in Whitgift, Yorkshire, she married a second time.  Abram STEVENSON became stepfather to her four children, who ranged in age from 1 to 14.

         a.   Anthony, baptized March 28, 1733, in Adlingfleet.

         b.   Richard, baptized October 16, 1735, in Adlingfleet.  He married Hannah DENTON on September 27, 1759, in Whitgift.  The only child known to have been born to them is Hannah, who was baptized March 9 and buried May 25 in 1760.

         c.   Mary, baptized May 11, 1738, in Whitgift.  She married William HOLMES in 1755.  After his death, she married Benjamin DREWRY on November 23, 1769, in Whitgift.

         d.   Ursula, baptized December 16, 1745, in Whitgift.


 *2)  Joseph, baptized February 28, 1701/022, was the son of Joshua and Ursula.  He married Esther HENDERSON on May 22, 1733, in Whitgift.  They had six children before his death around January 12, 1748/49.

         a.   Dorothy, baptized March 17, 1734/35, in Whitgift.

         b.   Richard, baptized September 7, 1735.  He died as an infant and was buried April 24, 1736, in Adlingfleet.

         c.   Ursula, baptized September 12, 1737.  She married George WATSON on January 4, 1763, in Adlingfleet.

         d.   Frances, baptized March 15, 1739/40.  She apparently never married, being buried under her maiden name on February 13, 1767, in Adlingfleet.

        *e.  Thomas, baptized December 20, 1742.

          f.   Elizabeth, baptized January 8, 1747/48.  She, too, died single, and was buried August 8, 1766, in Adlingfleet.


3)  Ursula, baptized September 10, 1705.  She married Thomas LAVERACK on November 16, 1731, in Whitgift.  She died around October 4, 1741, in Whitgift.


   4)  Joshua, baptized November 21, 1715.  His occupation was a day laborer in Reedness.  He died around October 10, 1764, just before his 48th birthday.  While his wife's name is not known, he had nine children:

         a)   John, baptized January 1, 1745/46, in Adlingfleet.

         b)  Timothy, baptized May 17, 1747, in Whitgift.  He married Margaret EPWORTH on November 23, 1765, in Whitgift.

         c)   William, baptized December 26, 1749, in Whitgift.

         d)  Thomas, baptized March 23, 1751/52.

         e)   Catherine, baptized April 25 and buried April 27 in 1753.

         f)   Susanna, her twin, also baptized April 25 and buried April 27, 1753.

         g)  Joseph, baptized September 19, 1756, in Whitgift.  When he was buried September 20, 1768, the church records describe him as "a poor boy"—as probably is logical with any family of nine trying to live on a day laborer's wages.

         h)  Abigail, baptized November 3, 1760, in Whitgift.

         i)   Joshua, baptized September 29, 1763.


  5)   Thomas, baptized November 25, 1716.  He was a farmer in Reedness who married twice.  He first married Susanna THORNHILL on February 27, 1748/49.  She died around October 3, 1778, and no children are attributed to them.  He married two and a half years later to Mary HARRISON on April 17, 1781.  Mary was baptized October 21, 1759, daughter of Smitheron Harrison and Mary SAMPSON.  Mary was 43 years Thomas' junior.  They had one child.

         a)   Theodosia, baptized October 13, 1782, in Whitgift.  She died in Reedness before her second birthday, in August 1784.  A second Theodosia was born to Mary Harrison Duckles before Mary's death in May 1810.  However, she was born 15 years after Thomas' death.  Thomas died at the age of 66 in January 1783.  The second Theodosia Duckles was baptized on April 15, 1798.  She married Joseph HOPKINSON and lived to be 72.


  6)   Abigail, baptized March 8, 1717/18.  Her funeral was held four months later on July 20, 1718, in Adlingfleet.


Fourth Generation:


Thomas (son of Joseph, Joshua, Anthony) was born 1742 in Adlingfleet.  He married first Sarah PRIESTLY on September 20, 1768, in Whitgift.  Sarah was born about November 16, 1742, and died almost exactly at the age of 27.  Her funeral was November 12, 1769.  She had given birth to their son, Thomas, two weeks before her death.  Thomas married almost four years later to Sarah HAWKS on May 21, 1772, in Adlingfleet.  Like Thomas, she also was aged about 30.  The second Mrs. Sarah Duckles died around May 12, 1823, a widow, at age 81.  Her funeral was in Whitgift.  Thomas' funeral was July 27, 1810, in Adlingfleet.  He died at age 67, after having five sons with his second wife.


  a)    Thomas, baptized October 29, 1769, in Adlingfleet.  He married Mary HAIRSINE on November 23, 1797, in Bubwith.  Mary was born October 1, 1780, in Hull, Yorkshire, and was sister of the Charles Hairsine in Ontario who received letters from his Duckles nephews.  It was his grandson, Thomas, who moved to South Africa.  Thomas died at age 59 and was buried March 22, 1829, in Adlingfleet.  Mary died around April 30, 1862, in Nether Poppleton, Yorkshire, at age 81.  They had four sons.

  b)   Joseph, baptized April 25, 1773; buried May 2, 1783, in Adlingfleet.

  c)    John, baptized August 14, 1774; buried December 11, 1855, in Adlingfleet at age 81.  He married Mary BOYCE about March 21, 1807, in Adlingfleet.  She may have been the Mary Duckles who lived in Hull and was buried April 26, 1861, in Adlingfleet at age 73.

  d)   William, baptized April 30, 1776.  He didn't survive and was buried May 5, 1776, in Adlingfleet.

  e)    Samuel, baptized June 27, 1777.  He died at age 11, being buried April 5, 1789, in Adlingfleet.

*f)    Robert, baptized November 5, 1779.


Fifth Generation:

Robert married Catherine COBB on March 10, 1804, married at St. Oswald’s Church in Crowle.  Before immigrating to America, they had the following children in Crowle:


  a)    Sarah, baptized November 25, 1804.

*b)   John, baptized November 8, 1806.

  c)    Hannah, born April 4; baptized April 8, 1810.  Married Jonathan SMOTHERS.

  d)   Maria, her twin, born April 4; baptized April 8, 1810.  She married Michael ENGLAND in Lowell, Massachusetts.

  e)    George baptized May 31, 1813.

  f)    Thomas born April 19, 1816; baptized June 4.  Thomas married Jane Barr and lived in Lowell.  He was a Freemason.

g)       Robert, born April 2, 1819; baptized April 11.

h)       Joseph, born in USA c. 1826.  Lived part of the time with brother, John, in Albany, Vermont.  Died as a young adult in Lowell.


Sixth Generation:

John married Elizabeth Ann WOODMAN in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1831.  She was the daughter of Abraham Woodman and Bethiah RAND of Chester, New Hampshire.  They both worked for the Merrimack Manufacturing Company in Lowell and moved to Albany, Vermont, in 1831.  They named their son Charles.


One of Charles’ sons was Harry.  Harry’s only son surviving to adulthood was Forrest Edward Duckles, born 1901—my grandfather.  He was a Freemason.  My grandfather heard that the family had some Dutch in the line somewhere.  My father is Robert Duckless, a Freemason.  My brother’s name is Allen.


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