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Keene High School Cheerleading

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in Keene, New Hampshire - home of the Blackbirds!

The sport of cheerleading is over 100 years old--
the first cheerleaders promoted school spirit
at a Minnesota University football game
on November 2, 1898.


Pat Lincoln serves as head coach for both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. She can be contacted through the Keene High School Athletics Department at 352-0640, leaving a message for the Athletic Director at extension 3078. Or, call her at 876-4030.

Coach Lincoln may be assisted by one or more volunteer Assistant Coaches.


Pep RalliesFootball Games
Homecoming Parade Basketball Games
Competitions Sports Camp
The Keene High School Clubs & Sports page
lists the sports schedules for fall and winter.


The teams' usual training schedule is Monday through Friday, two hours after school each day. Extra training is required as state and other competitions approach. The fall season starts in the middle of August--approximately two weeks before school starts--and usually ends before Thanksgiving. The winter season begins after Thanksgiving and usually ends at the beginning of March. Cheerleading is a sport that involves flexibility, precision, timing, cooperation, and lots of hard work. Instead of throwing a ball, cheerleaders throw a person. Instead of running down a court or across a field, cheerleaders tumble across it, doing intricate flips.

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to obtain uncommon results."
- Author Unknown


What is it? The Cheerleaders Booster Club was formed to boost the morale and the financial support to the two cheerleading teams of Keene High School.
Who may join? Membership of the Cheerleading Booster Club is open to adult family members interested in the progress and development of the cheerleading teams.
What are the dues?There are no dues.
What does the Booster Club do? Some of the club's activities include helping with purchase of warm-up clothes or uniforms; providing funds for decorating the stands for important home games; providing materials and candy for the cheerleaders' homecoming float; participating in senior and parent Recognition activities; organizing the annual banquet...

The club assists the Coach in activities as requested and is pro-active in helping to increase local community awareness of cheerleading as a competitive sport.

How much time is involved? Meetings usually are held monthly and, this year, have occurred the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in Room 319 at Keene High School. This date, time, and location could be flexible, depending on membership. Other activities occur less frequently.
Whom may I contact? Officers elected most recently are:
Ellie Stalker, President, 352-2277 (evening)
Lisa Edwards, Vice President 352-3539 (evening)
Rosanne Ciaramella, Treasurer, 352-3317 (evening)
Vicki Flanders, Secretary (outgoing parent of a graduating senior)


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