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New Hampshire's March Storm

It snowed from a Sunday through Wednesday morning.
By lunchtime Wednesday, the sun had come out and started melting it.

Our house, partially buried in snow...
Our driveway is to the left, and you can see that the snow is higher where the plow has been.
Also, the ground slopes downward toward the right-hand side of the property,
as we are near the crest of a hill.

From the driveway

The crotch of the red maple in the front yard is 5' off the ground
(I measured it for you!)

Our front walkway...
Here are the measurements I made:
The top of the railing adjacent to the walkway is 2 1/2' from the ground.
The stoop is 3 1/2 feet from the ground.
The top of the weeping cherry tree (the straight stick which ends suddenly at the middle right)
is 5' from the ground.

From the driveway toward the back yard ...
The hump in the middle of the back driveway is our 1965 Daimler,
fondly known as Lady Dame.

Our back yard, which is enclosed by white pines...
On the left is the 12' high shed at the back corner of the property.
I think about 7-8' of it shows. In front of it is the maple Jim planted 12 years ago.
The crotch of the tree, where all the branches come out, is about 4' off the ground.

Jim at the front door...
The bottom of the living room window is 5' from the ground.

It's snowing again here today... (March 30, 2001)